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Reach Dentotape Waxed Floss Unflavored 100 Yd

Reach Dentotape Waxed Floss Unflavored 100 Yd

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Product Description

Designed for Wide Spaced Teeth. New Look! Unflavored. Waxed. Extra Thick. Yearning to clean those wide open spaces? Johnson & Johnson Reach Dentotape Unflavored Ribbon Floss has an extra wide cleaning surface for effective plaque removal between large spaces between teeth. Dentists recommend flossing regularly because it is proven to remove plaque between teeth to help prevent gum disease. Directions: Wind 18-inch piece around your fingers, leaving 4" of floss between them. Grasp floss firmly between thumb and index finger. Clean up & down between teeth and under the gum line, using a clean section of floss every few teeth

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