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Old Spice Pure Sport Men's Deodorant High Endurance 3.8 oz

Old Spice Pure Sport Men's Deodorant High Endurance 3.8 oz

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Product Description

Endurance. Long-lasting. Stick. We practically threw every word that means stamina into this thing's name, because it works. It provides odor protection all day long, and beyond. Even if you lit yourself on fire and stood in the blast radius of a nuclear bomb, this stuff would not stop working. Using this is like chumming the air for pretty ladies who are doctors that supermodel in their spare time. They won't be able to see the source of the square-jawed man hanging in the air until they start biting on you. And by then, it's way too late for them.

  • 24-Hour Odor Protection Helps You Even When Dreaming
  • Contains Odor-Fighting Ingredients
  • Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport Deodorant
  • Contains the fresh, model-pleasing scent of victory
  • Comes in crisp, clean scents cooked up in our Old Spice scent kitchen
  • Increases your awesomeness
  • Creates desire to climb tall mountains simply because they exist
SKU: 1204404140-6L
1.80 LBS

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